Frequently asked questions about Fine Grating Construction

Q1.When cars pass Fine's grating, may it be split?

 A.The present standard products can bear 2 to 6-ton freight car.
The custom-ordered products can bear 14 to 20-ton freight car.

Q2.Is Fine's grating putrescible?

 A.Fine's steel frame has resistance to rust because it is galvanized. And, Fine's gravelly coating never erodes.

Q3.How much can Fine's grating be thickened?

 A.Aside from the cost issue, there is no upper limit for thickness of Fine's grating. It is usually about 2 cm.
In the case of the other products, their thickness cannot be increased because epoxy drips.
In the case of Fine's products, dripping never happens because fiber remains on the surface. Therefore, Fine's grating can be thickened about 10 to 30 cm.

Q4.How can Fine's grating be opened?

 A.Remove the inserted screw for opening or closing Fine's grating. Then, screw and pull out the hook.

Q5.What materials are used for Fine's grating?

 A.Fieldstone, recycled glass, etc.

Q6.Can Fine receive the request from sales to construction totally?

 A.Yes, of course.

Q7.What is the underside of Fine's grating like?

 A.Please see the picture below.